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Under the Mango Tree

"Support our work at Timboni School, situated around 30km inland from Mombasa, Kenya. Help to educate some of the world's poorest children. Feed over 300 school children twice a day and enable a future where hopes and dreams can be fulfilled for these children and their families. Help to break the cycle of poverty."

In 2018, we made our first visit to Timboni School having supported the charity in the UK for some years.

A personal visit makes an incredibly strong impression and as we began to meet the children and teachers, see the school buildings and experience the welcome, we understood why visitors are captivated by people who remain resilient and desperate to learn despite the area being abjectly poor.

The charity, since its inception in 2012, has raised over £100,000 and has been able to fund the building of three classrooms, fund nursery teachers to provide education for the very youngest and contribute to a feeding program that now feeds over 300 children twice a day. Books, desks, fitting out the cookhouse, has all been achieved as well as plenty of other smaller wins along the way.


What we really like about this charity is that there are no admin/overhead costs 

100% of funds raised directly helps the children of Timboni School

There is plenty more work to be done at the school.

We are looking to fund the levelling of the land to provide play areas for the children who at the moment have a rough, rocky and sometimes steep area to play on and there is no fixed play equipment (see photo).

The projected build cost will be around £12,000, a drop in the ocean compared to UK building costs but nevertheless a big ask for a small charity.

Aqua IFA already supports Under the Mango Tree but in 2018 we will be doing more and asking our clients to help us achieve the incredible ambition of creating a playground for the children.

We hope that you will help us to support the children of Timboni School.

Shaun & Lorraine Dunne

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Photo: Lorraine with Purity. It was Purity's first week at school and like any little one, she just needed a cuddle (Feb 2018)