our technology

At Aqua IFA, we employ a robust internal system to maintain your data that places security of data as the highest priority. We provide you with an app that you can use on your phones/tablet to access your personal client site 24/7. A great number of pension and investment providers can now provide instant valuations and this facility is built into the app giving you immediate reassurance about your money.

The app will allow you to see relevant documents that are held on your account such as statements, correspondence from Aqua IFA, copies of your identification records.

Access the app from anywhere in the world; useful for looking at copies of passports and driving licences if you lose them.


Using our app, you can track your progress 24/7 online through your personal client site. If you find a gap between your savings and your goal, you can use impulseSave® to top up your account and close the gap.

With a minimum impulseSave® of just £1, we’ve made investing quick, easy and fun.