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Clients are individual. Each client has a set of priorities, considerations and resources quite separate from the next. However, what our clients do have in common is the desire for security, for professional reassurance, to know that their financial future is tangible.

David Gradwell

I was in a position in early 2017 where I was retiring from work having completed 29 years service. During this period, I had paid into three Company pension funds due to business acquisitions etc.; I had two deferred and one current pension.

I was advised by my employer to find a good IFA to support and advise me on my pensions and to assist in making the correct decisions. At 61 years of age I was ready to look for early retirement whilst maintaining the standard of living that I was used to, so searching for ‘local’ IFAs, I found Aqua IFA.

Making contact saw my first meeting with Shaun Dunne who, when seeing the statements I had brought with me, soon advised me of some very positive options and consequently handed me onto his Pensions Consultant Claire Lee.

The following consultant relationship ‘worked’ almost immediately and from February 2017 to date, I have been totally impressed with Aqua and Claire who I see as a ‘guru’ of pensions and investment planning.

The sheer professionalism, communication, direction, support, integrity and advice given has been priceless and delivered all I asked for from their consultancy.

Would I recommend Aqua IFA? Most certainly. In fact, I speak to a number of people who are soon to be looking for direction re their pensions and enthuse about my outstanding service and belief in Aqua IFA.


Mr M

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