social impact investing

During 2018, we will be engaging you in conversations about social impact investing

What is social impact investment?

(Source: Worthstone: Publication dated 2015)

The UK is home to a great social economy, made up of thriving social ventures and the world’s most advanced social impact investment market.

Social problems from health and ageing to homelessness and unemployment affect every country around the world. Britain is leading the way in developing innovative and sustainable answers to these challenges. From leading socially minded companies, which make up
 close to 1 in 5 businesses, to the most attractive environment in the world for social impact investors, Britain is at the heart of achieving social impact at scale.

Social impact investment uses private capital to generate social as well as financial returns.

The UK is now the global hub for social impact investment. We have one of the world’s most evolved social economies and draw on Britain’s expertise as a centre for international capital. Together, this makes for a unique marketplace for investors and enterprises alike

Social impact investment ...

– focusing on economic value alongside social dividends

– aiming to see financial returns for the investor

– tracking and reporting social outcomes

– compounding positive social effect by recycling original capital

– motivated by engagement with social causes

Social impact investment is not...

– philanthropy—which expects no financial return

– socially responsible investment (SRI)—where negative investments are avoided but positive impacts are not always targeted



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